Tanning Beds

Islander Level

Islander Level-15 Minutes. These beds have 32 Lamps to help achieve your goal whether you need a tan for vacation or looking for Vitamin D.

Bahama Breeze Level

Bahama Breeze Level-12 Minutes. This bed features more Bronzing rays to provide an upgraded tan. This laydown bed also includes 6 facial lamps for deeper color.

Bahama Breeze “Straight Up” Level

Bahama Breeze ‘Straight-up’-10 Minutes. This bed eliminates any pressure point spots or tan lines. For an easy, quick tan with amazing bronzing results the stand-up level is perfect for you!

Matrix Paradise Level

Matrix Paradise Level- 12 Minutes. The Matrix offers the tan everyone is talking about! It’s a quick 12 minute session in paradise with 99% bronzing rays.

Sunless Spray Tan-By Versa Spa

Sunless Spray Tan-By Versa Spa. The spray tan is the perfect sunless booth that is great for any skin type. It is an instant, natural looking, head-to-toe bronze color. This booth will give you the color you need for your special event in one session.