– Tanning Beds –

Our tanning beds are top of the line, choose from six innovate bed designs offering excellent coverage and comfort.

– Red Light Therapy –

Natural Light Therapy will target fine lines, wrinkles, pain and acne.

Spray Tanning

For that healthy, natural look of sun-kissed skin, without the sun, try our New Versa Spa Pro.

Caribbean Beach Tanning Salon – Brainerd Tanning Salon

Our Story – Caribbean Beach Tanning Salon (CBTS) all started because Becky (the salon owner) loved to look good and feel great. Knowing what type of tanning equipment and tanning lotions she liked, made it easy to create a local favorite tanning salon.

Becky’s journey started in 2005 and continues to wow the Brainerd Lakes Area with knowledge of the tanning industry. In May of 2018, CBTS was name Smart Tan’s Member of the Month and they are proud of it.

Becky and the team at CBTS invite you to visit the salon to reach your tanning goals while enjoying a friendly, clean, up-scale environment. With 6 Levels of Tanning to choose from, CBTS is sure to help you with Vacation Readiness, Vitamin D or simply Relaxation away from reality. CBTS has UV Tanning as well as UV Free Sunless Spray Tanning. Don’t forget to ask about all the latest Tanning Accessories. CBTS wow’s you with Tanning Lotion knowledge, Teeth Whiteners you can use at home or in the salon. CBTS even offers Handmade All Natural Lotions, Bath Bombs and Soaps.

Caribbean Beach Tanning Salon appreciates the local support and will always strive to be the Best Tanning Salon in the Brainerd Lakes Area!

Our COVID-19 Response